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Who We Are

I, Dr. Hamblet, was lucky enough to have an easy time with hiring my first employees.  When does that even happen?

Currently, we consist of 3 employees and a Doc.

First, we have Sarah manning the front desk.  Sarah has experience in eyecare in being a patient herself for a long long time!  Besides singing like a song bird and having a constant great attitude, she is organized and patient too! She can talk with you about her experience with Ortho K (a hard lens reshaping program that works while you sleep), she has been using this method of vision correction since childhood and has been really happy with it.  Not only is she the smiling face of the practice, she also will be the voice to greet you on the phones.  She can field all of  your insurance coverage, pricing, and scheduling questions, and point in the direction of coffee and snacks!

Next, we have Riley, what a gem!  Riley is a planner by nature, literally kills it in the planning game, but is also incredible at painting, crafting and all things beautiful.  Riley will serve as our optical czar.  She cannot wait to help you discuss the best lenses and coatings for your particular needs and most fun, help you find the best pair of glasses!  Her experiences in optical allow her to approach the glasses buying process from a different perspective, one of compassion and empathy.  Since her prescription is enough for 2 people, she understands what its like to not be excited to wear glasses, but she is determined to change that for you!

Next, we have Brigette; detailed, comprehensive, capable, and bright are all ways we can describe her.  Working as a Doctors assistant, Brigette goes above and beyond in all that she does and looks for ways to improve efficiency and process.  You will find that she cares for you in a way that will make you wonder if she is the Doctor, really she’s that good.  I am often impressed with the detail and care that she gives to even the most typical tasks, she cares about doing things right.  You will feel well cared for in her hands I promise!

And then what do we say about me?  I’m known for my shoes, crazy hair, and talkative nature.  I probably enjoy getting to know my patients as people and allowing to you truly understand that I see you as an individual with unique needs and concerns.  I LOVE solving a problem and I see it as my job to allow your eyes to work for you in ways that you didn’t even know was possible.  I’m pretty good with kids, it’s a great workday when I get to sit on the floor with a patient and try to earn enough trust to examine their eyes!  I adore kids, and adults, of all capabilities.  I have a child on the autism spectrum so I am keenly aware of the effect that a sterile, untouchable environment can have on a kid who is bombarded by the world all the time.  That’s not me, and that’s not my office; let them touch, let them learn!

I hope this sheds some light on who we are and how excited we get to serve you each day!

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