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What We Do

What do we do here at Eye Love?  My hope and effort is put towards making the patient feel comfortable and treated like family with the most UP TO DATE equipment possible.  Technology has come so far, particularly in eye examinations and glasses. I have found that utilizing technology, in all aspects of my examinations, allows a more thorough and less stressful experience for my patients.

It all starts with our online scheduling, you can literally sit in your jammies, watching the Seahawks, and schedule your whole family for their annual eye exam! Mind. Blown. I like to think up ways that make my life more complicated and come up with ways that I can avoid that for my patients, and online scheduling was a HUGE answer to that for our office.

When you arrive, guess what….NO PAPERWORK!!! Yup, you heard that right, we do it all for you!! I have always hated filling all that stuff out, and I wanted to be as efficient, green and painless as possible when it came to getting to know my patients.

We have SO MUCH technology in the examination process it’s ridiculous. It’s like Christmas every day, getting to utilize the most cutting-edge instruments.  I really believe that my equipment allows me to be a better doctor because I am armed with so much more information about you, your eyes, and your whole body health.

Some of our techie stuff is

  • NO PUFF OF AIR, we have a handheld tonometer to check your eye pressure, easy!
  • Full view retinal scans, Optos, it can even replace dilation in some people
  • Digital phoropters (the “1 or 2” machine); efficient, accurate and allows me to compare old to new prescriptions with the touch of a button
  • Detailed scans for glaucoma and macular degeneration


Once you finish THE BEST EXAM OF YOUR LIFE, and head into the optical, we have technology there too!  Our Optikam is a digital measurement device that measures your head position, how you wear your specs, and lots of other details.  It then will design a specific lens for your visual needs that matches your prescription. No more dots on your lenses!

Really the “what” we do is allow you to see and look your best, look out for your eyes like they were our own, and get to know YOU as a person.  We see, hear and pay attention to our patients, that is the most important “what” that we do.

Start taking care of your eye health today!
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